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Satisfying and sharing curiosity
"I was born out of curiosity; what about you? Is there a better reason to be born?". These few words from Daniel Pennac's hand are a marvelous illustration of the raison d'être of Color My Geneva. A story born out of my insatiable curiosity for art, culture and those who make it. From my naturally sparkling and enthusiastic temperament. And of my infinite interest in Geneva, the city where I was born.

From my dual origins also certainly comes its DNA. An Algerian father, a Swiss mother, my foundation has always been nourished by diversity, devotion to work and creative passion. Curious by nature and driven by desire, I consider myself fortunate to live in a dynamic, international and prosperous city; but one thing has always surprised me:

Why such a discrepancy between this city that vibrates with colors on a daily basis, and its reputation as a sometimes dull and dusty city?

So that's why, in 2010, the sirens of entrepreneurship called me. Alongside a Master's degree and a career in private banking, I had an irrepressible desire to change mentalities. My wish? To show that not only the range of leisure activities, outings, culture and gastronomy in Geneva is inexhaustible. But above all: to communicate it to as many people as possible so that everyone can enjoy it. In 2021: Already 10 years that this project from the heart has been touching yours!

Our recipe: fun, pep, good plans!
I could start by telling you about our agenda of community outings, our leisure magazine, and the distribution of good plans and experiences on our social networks. Yes, I could, but wouldn't that be missing the point? The values that I carry within me and that give Color My Geneva its colors. Because much more than a collaborative platform, I wanted to create a state of mind.

Color my Geneva is above all about sharing.
Reaching out to share with you local initiatives and events, good leisure activities, access to an agenda of outings. The idea of a collaborative project where it's you, it's us, it's all together that makes Geneva. And transfer the know-how and field knowledge to future generations by offering the training of students.

Color my Geneva is diversity and dynamism.
A platform based on the image of the city: cosmopolitan, rich, still moving, where people from all walks of life bring their own culture and projects. A tiny Calvin's city where the diversity of cultural representation and the number of proposals compete with the largest, such as Paris or Milan. It’s a unique breeding ground in the world!

Color my Geneva is fun.
A bit of humour that has never hurt anyone, on the contrary, let's be visible and light-hearted. Let's make room for self-mockery, spontaneity and staging; let's dare to be ourselves because nothing seems to be like us anymore.

Color my Geneva is innovation and interactivity.
From journalism, to community management and personalized communication plans, our expertise is based on the mastery of digital codes. Being a web magazine, offering innovative and tailor-made content implies being in constant evolution, just like the world around us. This is why we believe it’s essential to include our community in order to offer them a project that reflects them.

Last but not least...

Color my Geneva is a bit like my family, an extended family. A team in constant movement composed, among others, of passionate editors and volunteers, driven by energy and values, with whom I have forged unfailing links over the years. A colorful tribe that all of you make up.

You are all Geneva, and we have not finished surprising you ...

Samira, Founder of Color my Geneva
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