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22 November 2018

Where to Have Breakfast in Geneva

Discover all the good places to go for breakfast in Geneva

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Mornings are the perfect moment to take your time and relax before rushing to complete all of the items on your to-do list. While some people prefer having some quiet me-time, others enjoy having the company of friends. In both cases, you will most likely appreciate the coziness of a coffee shop where the smell of coffee mingles with the scent of freshly baked treats. In this heart-warming atmosphere, will you choose the quiet table by the window to enjoy a good read, or will you join the communal table, ready to meet new people? Here is a selection of the best spots to have breakfast in Geneva.

Café Coutûme

In a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired setting, Café Coutûme invites you on a journey that tastes of freshly brewed arabica. There you will find a wide variety of beans from different origins, as well as different brewing techniques. Their menu features delicious dishes, such as pancakes, eggs benedict and traditional pastries.

Boulevard Carl-Vogt 80
1205 Genève

Coffee Lab

It is on Lake Geneva’s right bank that Coffee Lab was opened, a peaceful haven in the middle of the busy rue de la Servette. Creamy cappuccinos and healthy juices are waiting for you, in a red and white decor. Their breakfast food includes toasts, pastries as well as tasty bagels. Their goat cheese, honey and fig jam bagel is a must-try.

Rue de la Servette 85
1202 Genève

La Maison du Gâteau

A typical tea room, La Maison du Gâteau has a homey feel that makes it the perfect place to have breakfast. It is indeed very popular among locals, as they offer a vast range of baked goods. Whether you like fruity or chocolaty flavors, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Route de Florissant 57
1206 Genève

La Maison Wolfisberg

The Wolfisberg coffee houses are almost an institution in Geneva. Founded in Carouge in 1961, they have since opened two more locations in Plainpalais and Champel. Their breakfast formulas are flavorful and authentic. They offer a wide variety of breads (some with raisins or seeds) that makes their toasts particularly tasty. Why not wash it down with a cup of tea, from their curated selection?

Place du Temple 5
1227 Carouge

Route de Florissant 6
1206 Genève

Boulevard Georges Favon 6
1204 Genève

Ô Calme

A very intimate place in the heart of Carouge, Ô Calme also has a lush courtyard, where you will want to spend all of your summer mornings. Whether you eat inside or under the threes, their homemade pancakes are irresistible. Their menu contains sweet and savory dishes. Freshy baked quiches and pies will catch your attention and enchant your taste buds as soon as you walk through the door of their open kitchen.

Rue Ancienne 36
1227 Carouge

Article written by Eugénie Rousak and translated by Mathilde M., journalists at Color my Geneva, all rights reserved

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